Why Davis Burton?

Politically Minded

Davis Burton has been passionately involved in local and national politics since he was a child. From President of his 8th Grade class, to volunteering at the 2016 DNCC Press Distribution Team, to holding office with Harriton High School's Student Council, Burton is involved.

Community Focused

Burton will focus on preserving the legendary sense of community that only Narberth can offer. That means street festivals, free concerts, youth events and more! In Narberth, Community Comes First.

A Fresh Perspective

Davis Burton is a man who knows what Narberth needs. He has focused tirelessly on speaking to residents and business owners to understand our communities unique interests and goals, and will work just as hard to get them accomplished. 

Downtown Emphasis

Like all Narberthians, Burton treasures Narberth's Downtown area, and will work closely with business owners to preserve its vibrance.

Team Player

Burton knows what it means to work as part of a team. He has collaborated with his Student Council to raise over $50,000 for charity. He has worked with Mayor Grady to bring Narberth "Made on the Mainline" Music Festival. And as Mayor he will work with Borough Council to accomplish our community's goals. 

A True Narberthian

Twelve years living in Narberth. 

A lifetime of memories.

A future, unlimited.