On The Issues

Economic and Community Strength

Davis Burton will strive to create an environment in Narberth where business owners and residents alike can flourish. This means collaboration  with the Narberth Business Association provide you the events that strengthen our commercial district and bring together our community including: First Fridays, Sidewalk Sales, and Free Concerts at The Park. 

Burton believes that initiatives like these benefit our business  owners, and encourages the type of economic growth that benefits our Borough.

Ecologically Friendly Development

Even in small towns, issues such as fresh water preservation and stormwater management are essential elements to developing an ecologically responsible community.

Burton will explore initiatives such as eco-incentive programs which  are a great way to manage stormwater, and preserve our streams without burdening tax payers and local business owners.

Small Town Leadership

Davis Burton knows what it means to be a leader in a town like Narberth. It means a hearing every opinion, shaking every hand, and understanding every prospective. Burton is committed to protecting the interests of all Borough Residents, and creating a small town government that works for its people.